cat owner trying to feed her car that isnt eating

As a cat owner, it is always important you regulate and monitor the intake of food your cat is eating. If you have noticed a decline in your cat’s appetite, here are a few potential reasons why your cat is not eating:

Have You Changed Their Diet?

The first variable in this equation to consider is whether you changed the flavor or brand of your cat food. Cats can have strong preferences to one brand/flavor over another. If your cat is especially picky, this can affect your cat’s appetite. If you have changed it recently, vets recommend you switch back to see if your cat will eat again. If this is not the case, then you should consider the possibilities below and contact your Wicker Park veterinarians at Village West Vet.

Have you Recently Changed their Eating Environment?

Not only does the food matter, but the environment may also affect your cat’s eating habits. Is your cat in a new location? If you have moved, then it may just take some time for your cat to adjust. The eating environment also includes their eating bowl. If you have changed the bowl your cat eats from, your Wicker Park veterinarians at Village West Vet recommend you switch back to the old bowl to see if your cat will eat again.

Has Their Food Bag Been Open for Too Long?

If your bag of dry food has been open for more than a month, then it may have gone bad. It is necessary to understand the storage needs and environmental requirements for safe cat food storage. If stored improperly, the food may cause serious health issues and appetite concerns. Check the instructions on your cat’s food and make sure it is stored safely for your cat.

Have You Contacted Your Veterinarian?

If your cat is still not eating then it is time to contact your vet. For any concerns about your cat’s appetite, you are welcome to call or visit Village West Vet for expert veterinary guidance. Our Wicker Park veterinarians will make sure your cat is healthy and safe!

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