husky with bad breath panting

Does your dog have bad breath? Dogs aren’t shy and if you have spent a few minutes up close and personal, it’s likely you have caught a whiff of their bad breath. Dogs are not known for fresh breath. In fact, as a vet near Wicker Park, we are often asked by our clients why their dog has such bad breath. There are a number of different reasons your dog could have bad breath. It is important to keep in mind it isn’t just unpleasant for you – it can mean something serious for your dog.

Below are 5 common causes of bad breath in dogs that you should be aware of in order to protect your furry family member.

Dental or Gum Disease

Bad breath can occur when your dog has a dental condition from gum disease or tooth decay. It is important to have your vet in Wicker Park look for signs of dental disease during dog’s annual checkup.

A Toxic Substance

Some dogs will eat anything, including things that are not good for them. There is a wide number of toxins out there that may cause a dog to have bad breath. If you think that your dog has eaten something toxic, talk to your vet in Wicker Park ASAP!


Diabetes can make a dog’s breath smell different, giving it an almost fruity smell. Diabetes will often “suppress the immune system”, which allows bacteria in the mouth to grow.

Oral Tumors

Oral tumors can often be a cause of bad breath due to the fact that their growth is often too fast for blood vessels to keep up, causing dead areas.


Some dog-approved treats and food can cause bad breath. Both dry and wet food have their pros and cons. Some dry food is better for teeth and helping keep the mouth clean, however, wet food has more water which is good for a dog’s mouth as well.

To learn more about what is causing your pup’s bad breath talk to your vet in Wicker Park. Call (773) 697-7052 to schedule your next appointment.