tabby cat sitting on the couch in a chicago vet

At some point, every cat owner has had a circumstance where they have wondered, “does my pet need to see the vet?” Our first instinct is to search the internet for an answer to our problems. Whether you have a cat, dog or bird, it is always best to call your veterinarian to get an expert opinion on your pet’s health. Likewise, it is important that you are aware of what symptoms to look out for in a sick or injured cat.

  • Acting differently: Did you know that cats instinctively hide their pain? This is a survival mechanism that can keep them safe in the wild. When a cat is not feeling well they will hide or avoid the interaction. Additionally, your cat could become lethargic, neglect grooming, or simply not act like themselves.
  • Gums are discolored: Your cat’s gums can reveal a lot about their health. Your cat’s gums should be pink when healthy. Different colored gums can represent a wide variety of problems. It is important to report discolored gums to your vet immediately.
  • Walking abnormally: If you notice that your cat is favoring a particular leg, moving strangely, or won’t put weight on a limb, they may have arthritis, an infection or another form of injury.
  • Litter box habits have changed: When your cat starts making frequent trips to their litter box or showing signs of pain near the litter box, they may be experiencing a UTI or even a blockage. Urinary infections can be very serious and painful for your cat, it is important that you seek assistance as soon as possible.
  • Change in appetite: It is not uncommon for cats to refuse to eat when they are not feeling well. In contrast, there are certain illnesses that will increase a cat’s appetite. Suddenly drinking a large amount of water can also be indicative of an illness. Deviation from your cat’s typical diet is a tell-tale sign to see a vet.

If you notice that your cat is showing signs of any of the above 5 symptoms it is important that you seek assistance from your veterinarian as soon as possible. Here at Village West Veterinary, our office was created to provide our pets and their owners with the best conscientious and knowledgeable medical and surgical experience tailored to the needs of any situation.

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