Our sole purpose is your pet's health and comfort.

Quality Animal Medical Care in Bucktown

Your pet is part of your family and deserves the same level of medical care you would expect for a human loved one. At Village West Veterinary, our vets and staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the latest in veterinary technology to ensure you and your pet gets the animal medical care and guidance you deserve. We are focused on making sure you and your pet are as comfortable as possible and have access to all of the medical care that may become necessary over your pet’s life. You will find that our friendly staff is ready to assist, giving you the advice you need to make the best decisions for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Routine Care

One of the most important aspects of proper animal medical care in the Bucktown area is making sure you keep up with annual and semi-annual preventive health appointments. These examinations are designed to make sure your pet isn’t experiencing any health issues that may be in the early stages or difficult to detect. At these routine appointments, our veterinarians and staff will answer your questions and check your pet over thoroughly, looking for anything that may seem slightly amiss or you totally missed! We can also perform a number of routine tests to search for common problems that typically have few or no symptoms. Our staff will review needed vaccines and cover pertinent nutritional topics, giving your pet the best chance for living a healthy, happy life, as free from some of the most common, serious diseases as possible.

Care for Medical Conditions

Just like humans, your pet can develop a disease or other medical condition over time due to a number of factors. The good news is many of these ailments can be effectively treated with the right animal medical care in the Bucktown area. When you visit our veterinary clinic, you will have access to all the latest concepts and treatment methods and technologies to give your pet a more productive, healthy life, regardless of the medical condition she or he suffers from. Whether your pet has cancer, diabetes, arthritis or any number of other conditions, we are equipped to provide or guide you through to the ideal type of treatments needed. Every treatment plan is fully customized to meet the needs of the individual pet.

We Handle Injuries

Injuries are another really common problem for city pets, and they often require animal medical care sometimes combined with surgical care. Whether you are able to wait for an appointment or your pet requires emergency care, you can count on our experienced vets to be ready. With access to all the technology and equipment necessary, we will attempt to quickly diagnose your pet’s injury and begin performing the necessary treatments to get your pet back on its feet. We take great pride in being able to handle most emergencies with the care and compassion you and your pet deserve. No matter how large or small the injury may be, you can feel confident your pet is in the right hands.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment so our vets just down the road from Bucktown can ensure your pet lives as healthy and normal a life as possible.