old orange dog with pointy ears

If you’ve ever had an ear infection, you know the pain and discomfort that comes with it. Unfortunately, dogs are also prone to getting ear infections, so it’s important that dog owners are aware of the warning signs. If you notice your dog showing any of the following signs, schedule an appointment with our Ukrainian Village / Bucktown / Logan Square / Wicker Park veterinarians so your furry friend can start feeling better.

Signs Your Dog Has an Ear Infection

Has your dog been scratching his or her ear more than usual? This is one easy warning sign of an ear infection. Other red flags include brown, yellow or bloody discharge, skin redness, swelling of the ear flap, crusts or scabs on the inside of the ear opening or around the ear base, hair loss around the ears, head shaking, or even head tilts, loss of balance, walking in circles, strange eye movements and hearing loss! It’s important to note that dogs with non-erect ears are more prone to developing ear infections, but any dog can truly get this condition.


Our veterinarians see A LOT of ear infections and have the experience necessary to treat your dog with the care that’s needed. During the appointment, we will examine the ear canal and eardrum (not always possible if an infection is really bad) to see how serious the damage is. Then we may need to professionally clean the infected ears. Sedation may even be necessary depending on the severity, but some dogs, alternatively, have more basic ear infections requiring less treatment. If we see an infection that requires a better understanding of the cause or the difficulty in treating, we may need to perform a cytology, ear mite check, or culture. Lastly, we will treat or prescribe for you the proper medications for treatment and comfort, so your dog can start feeling better.


Because it is summer, many dogs enjoy the water. Make sure to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears once they are done swimming. There may need to be special routine ear cleansers for this purpose or more medicated ear drops. Check for discharge on a regular basis, and talk with our veterinarians about how often you should be cleaning your dog’s ears.

Ear infections can be painful and frustrating. If you think your dog may be developing an ear infection, please call to schedule an appointment. Our Ukrainian Village-area, Near West, West Loop, Logan Square, Bucktown and Wicker Park veterinary hospital is well-regarded for taking care of those awful doggie ear problems.