Our sole purpose is your pet's health and comfort.


If your animal has experienced a traumatic event or is suffering from a sudden illness, contact us immediately at (773) 697-7052 during our daytime and evening hours as your first choice emergency vet in Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, West Town, Humboldat Park and Logan Square! We are conveniently located at 840 N Western Avenue, and can provide expert guidance during your pet’s health emergency. For material on some common emergencies we treat, review the information below:


Loss of Appetite


If your cat or dog is abruptly not eating or their appetite has slowed dramatically, this could be indicative of an underlying illness that needs immediate attention. Not eating more than 1-2 days, or even longer, can be a sign of a medical emergency relating to virtually ANY organ system, to muscle, joint or bone pain, to the nervous system, or an infection. Loss of appetite is not a symptom to ignore. Our Village West Veterinary emergency vet services for anyone in Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, West Town, West Loop, Humboldt Park and Logan Square are there for the care your animal needs.




An isolated episode of vomiting may not always be a matter for concern. However, if your pet has vomited multiple times or simply cannot keep food down at all, then this is a medical emergency. Viral and bacterial infections, toxins, gastric or intestinal obstruction, inflammatory conditions, tumors any many other causes can be behind this. Bring your pet to the Village West Vet right away for an examination, diagnostics and treatment.




Like vomiting, an isolated diarrhea episode may not be a cause for an emergency room visit. If the diarrhea is persistent and accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, or any other symptom that isn’t normal for your pet, then this is a major indicator of a medical emergency. Our Village West Veterinary doctors can serve as your nearby emergency vets in Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, West Town, West Loop, Humboldt Park and Logan Square.


Wounds, Lacerations, & Fractures


Whether the sun is shining or the snow is flying, accidents happen when you least expect them. If your pet has been bitten by another animal, injured on broken glass or a rusty nail, or hurt in any other way, then our emergency vet care is in close proximity to Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town, Humboldt Park, West Loop and Logan Square. We will quickly evaluate the injuries and determine the best course of action for your pet and you, whether it be basic treatment or surgical intervention.


Allergic Reactions


A severe allergic reaction from a bug bite, food item, vaccination, immunotherapy shot or any other allergenic exposure might include a swollen muzzle, swollen eyes, sudden gasping, bumps all over the body, weakness, pale gums and trouble breathing. Take immediate action if you start seeing signs of an allergic reaction. Visit our clinic as soon as possible during morning, afternoon and evening hours for emergency care.




A dog or cat that has collapsed – whether conscious or unconscious – needs immediate triage and assessment of its condition at an emergency vet. Collapse usually means there is something seriously wrong in your pet’s body, and waiting for another episode could mean a life or death delay. Our Village West Veterinary animal hospital in its location central to Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Humboldt Park, West Town, West Loop, Logan Square and Bucktown has staff waiting to assist in an emergency situation when a pet mysteriously collapses. Call or rush in for help.


Breathing Trouble


Rapid breathing and open mouth panting for a pet is normal after engaging in strenuous activities, just as it is for you. But if there hasn’t been any strenuous activity, or if you let your pet rest and the breathing still does not return to normal, you should be taking your pet for an exam or even emergency vet services at Village West Veterinary. Some pets and animal breeds are more likely to experience breathing trouble than others due to their facial or body structure. Others are simply very overweight. But some have heart, lung, neural, muscle or bone, immune, or abdominal organ problems caused by infection, inflammation, toxic exposure, cancer, or any other debilitating underlying cause. One look at your pet should inspire an emergency vet visit to our animal hospital.


If your pet needs rapid treatment for a health emergency, contact our office at (773) 697-7052, or come straight to us for our emergency vet services at 840 N Western Avenue, Chicago, in our location central to the surrounding neighborhoods of Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Humboldt Park, West Town, West Loop, Logan Square and Bucktown.