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Simply put, there actually is no simple answer for how often you should feed your cat. Every cat is different, which is why you should take these factors into consideration when deciding your cat’s food schedule:

How Often Should You Feed Your Kitten vs Adult

How old is your cat? The size and age of your cat is directly correlated with how much food per pound of body weight should be given. Kittens require more food per pound to support their growth into healthy cats. This means they should be fed about three times during the day. If your cat is an adult — about one year or older — then it’s appropriate to feed your cat twice or even once a day. If your cat is healthy and has no weight or disease complications, one feeding a day may be sufficient to keep your cat at optimal health.

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat When It’s Healthy vs Unhealthy

As one of the best animal hospitals in the Wicker Park area (by best, we simply mean how much knowledge we try to cram into our heads to best guide your pet’s care), we can help you determine what food schedule is best for your cat if s/he is struggling from a health condition. A less healthy cat will surely have a different feeding routine, and will likely need changes to their overall diet. If you cat has diabetes, for example, then you need to feed him/her based on the insulin schedule recommended by one of our veterinarians. If you are concerned about the diet and the current health status of your cat, contact Village West Veterinary for expert veterinary guidance.

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat When You Are Traveling vs At Home

One huge perk of having cats is that they can be very self-sufficient. If you plan on traveling and leaving your cats at home, it’s acceptable to leave them for a limited period of time with a couple of servings of food and plenty of water – two days is reasonable. Nevertheless, someone trusted should still have access to your home just in case your return is delayed and your felines need attention. Kittens and cats at any age with health complications, on the other hand, should never be left alone in this manner. If you plan to be away for longer, have a person in place to check on your cats to ensure they are being fed appropriately.

One very important thing to note when it comes to any of these feeding guidelines: moisture content of food, ingredients, and the degree of processing are all major factors that require extra consideration in conjunction with the recommendations we mention. Our Village West veterinarians can help you determine the best feeding regimen based upon all of these factors.

At Village West Veterinary, our sole purpose is your pet’s health and comfort. If you are looking for one of the best animal hospitals in the Wicker Park area, contact us for expert veterinary guidance. Contact us at (773)697-7052 or make an appointment today.