woman walking in the mountains with a dog

A healthy pet can help make for a healthy owner. Here are just a few reasons why owning a pet can help your health:

Improve Your Mood

It only takes a few minutes to feel less stressed after playing with a kitten or petting an enthusiastic pooch! The levels of your stress hormone, cortisol, are actually lowered after activities like these. Simultaneously, your feel-good chemical, serotonin, begins to rise, which is why pets also help to ease depression. Without them even knowing it, pets offer a calming presence at the same time they provide their priceless unconditional love. All good things, all around! So be sure to keep your mood-booster healthy by making regular checkups at Village West Veterinary, your animal hospital in the Ukrainian Village and so close to Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square and all other points on the Chicago animal-loving map.

Boost Your Fitness

If you are an owner with an active pet, then you’re probably more active than someone without one. Taking care of an active pet like a dog means daily walks in the morning and evening, playing games like fetch, jogging or running around neighborhoods, and more. It forces you to spend more time outside, soaking up the sun for a boost in your vitamin D and for strengthening your muscles and bones. If you want your dog to be healthy, most likely it will mean keeping yourself healthy as well.

Help Your Heart

With a healthier mind, lower stress and perhaps a better fitness routine, it’s no surprise pet ownership can also have a positive impact on your heart. In a study of 240 couples, pet owners recorded lower heart rates during rest and lower blood pressures than couples who didn’t have a pet. The study showed that even children seemed to benefit. Their blood pressure numbers were improved when they were around their pets. Amazingly, one study found that dog owners had a better survival rate than non-dog owners one year after a heart attack! That’s incredible! Perhaps pet ownership should be rewarded with lower health insurance premiums for the pet owners!

Next time your furry friends need a checkup to help maintain their happy and healthy lifestyles, bring them by Village West Veterinary, the favored animal hospital in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, and the best animal hospital serving Wicker Park, West Town, University Village, and all other Chicago animal-loving neighborhoods in between.