cat with brown and white face sleeping in a blanket

Cats tend to snooze most of the day, thus making it hard to tell if they aren’t getting enough sleep. It may be surprising to know that not all cats are getting the proper rest that they need. Healthy adult cats typically will sleep for 50-70% of the day, and kittens and seniors will sleep around 80% of the day. As your local vet in Bucktown, we have created a list of tips & techniques to help you get your cat to sleep.

Your Cat Could Be Sick

When it comes to lack of sleep for your cat, it is important to rule out illness, especially if you find that your cat meowing or crying more than usual. This could be a sign that your cat is in pain. Cats with an illness such as heart disease often will show signs as restlessness as a primary symptom. Talk to your vet in Bucktown immediately to make sure that your cat is not losing sleep because of an illness.

Tips & Tricks To Get Your Cat To Sleep

Once illness is ruled out, it is time to try some of these tips and tricks to get your cat to sleep.

  • Play Time: Zap your cat’s energy right before bedtime with activities. Throw a ball or fuzzy mouse around for your cat. Games will tap into their prey drive and keep them engaged. Keep playing until your cat looks tired.
  • Mealtime: Move one of your cat’s main meals to right before bedtime. Like most animals, cats will become tired after eating a big meal.
  • Stimulation: Provide plenty of interesting toys and build a play area for your cat to explore. Cats are also capable of learning to walk on a leash. A cat who is mentally stimulated is more likely to sleep better.

Seek Professional Help

A cat’s sleeping issues can be too much for an owner to take care of. If you have tried everything you can or would like to an expert opinion talk to your vet in the Bucktown area. Call Village West Veterinary at (773) 697-7052!