a lost dog being greeted by his owner

July is a difficult time for many pets, with an excessive amount of fireworks on the Fourth of July and sporadically throughout the rest of the month, extreme heat during the day, a scarcity of fresh drinking water, dangerous driving, toxic plants, and the growing bloom of seasonal parasites. Because of this, it is an important month to bring awareness to pet loss prevention. The National Council of Pet Population Study and the National Humane Society cite that a family pet is lost every two seconds in North America. Imagine investing in and loving a pet only for it to one day be lost; even worse is the fact that ONLY ONE IN TEN PETS IS FOUND and returned to its owner. And what are they exposed to while they’re lost? Our animal hospital wants to help you and your family feel prepared.

Microchip Your Pet

We can’t say this enough: Microchip your pet! Microchip your pet! Microchip your pet! This is so quick, easy, and safe to have done. There’s really no excuse not to do this. Once your pet is microchipped, if she or he is ever lost and returned to an animal shelter or animal hospital, the animal is scanned for a chip, and if it’s yours, you will be notified of the whereabouts of your pet. It’s that simple. Having that chip implanted is a small step that makes a tremendous difference in your peace of mind and in your pet reuniting with you. Schedule an appointment with our animal hospital in Chicago, where our dedicated professionals will gladly help you with the microchipping process!

Keep Pets Close

Does your pet love to run around in the backyard but you don’t have a reliable way to keep them nearby? Make sure to invest in a secure fence with adequate height, and ideally, always oversee their outside activity. One minute they may be romping or roaming in the grass, and the next minute someone or something else catches their eye, and they’re off into the sunset. Make sure this is doesn’t happen with your pet!

Leash Walk

Leashes might not allow your pet to explore every shrub or hole in the ground, but maybe that’s a good thing. Both dogs and cats on secure leashes (and harnesses) are significantly safer, and in many places, it’s the law. Leash walking is a wonderful bonding experience and gives both you and your pet good exercise. But it also keeps your pet away from other aggressive animals, poisons, or rotten refuse, and keeps them from getting away from you when spooked, or in pursuit of some wild prey or traveling vehicle.

Secure Your Home

Many of the sadder, and sometimes tragic, stories we encounter about lost pets involve pets bolting from the home through an unsecured front door or through a window on any floor in the house or apartment. Make sure all doors and windows are secure – from the latches to the frames, panels, screens and panes. This goes without saying in the interest of your own safety and the sanctity of your possessions. But most importantly, no one wants to find that their pet escaped through an unsecured door or window, or an intruder found their way to your pet.

Calming of Fear

We initially mentioned fear from loud fireworks explosions, and this is truly a reality in many parts of the country. Fortunately, there are many options for calming pets during this time of year: calming treats and tinctures, distracting music, swaddling garments, pheromone sprays, sedatives and anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

We don’t want your pet to be another statistic! Take the proper steps to keep your animal safe and relaxed during these hot summer months. Our animal hospital in Chicago will be there to help you and your pets and answer your questions along the way.

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