black kitten in a cage at a chicago shelter

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals marks June as Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, encouraging citizens nationwide to adopt cats whenever possible! In honor of this month, our hospital’s Bucktown, Logan Square-area, Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park vets want to outline what you can expect when you adopt a cat and how you can properly prepare to make the process as seamless as possible for everyone involved. Plus, we offer new pet and new adoption exams that will provide helpful information and give you the confidence you need to raise a healthy, happy cat.

Before You Adopt

Make sure you invest in a good quality cat carrier, litter boxes, food and water dishes (or even better, a water fountain and any of the creative feeding dishes available), and toys that will help your cat feel like they belong and that will provide them with a lot of exciting interactive distractions. Getting used to a foreign space may be intimidating to them, so be patient if your adopted cat is initially shy around you. You should also consider removing fragile items from shelves or counters and hiding power cords, as your cat may knock them down or damage them. We have many other recommendations, but these are basic places to start.

Visit Our Animal Hospital

Schedule an appointment at our hospital, a allow one of our veterinarians to make sure your new kitten or cat is healthy. During this exam, you can expect a medical record review, a complete physical exam, a fecal exam, vaccinations (if needed), spay or neuter information (if needed), a microchip implant (highly recommended if not already implanted), pet health insurance information, and of course information on how to properly care for your new cat. Feel free to ask us any questions or address any concerns, especially if this is your first time owning a cat.

Choosing to adopt a kitten or cat is one of the best decisions you and your family will make! If you’re planning on adopting, contact our veterinary hospital on Chicago’s near west side to set up an appointment. And don’t forget about our 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue, CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation. We’ve saved and adopted out nearly 1500 kittens and cats since its founding in 2012. We definitely know our cats, so give us a call!