goldendoodle puppy celebrating national puppy day with his owners in chicago

We can’t think of many days better spent than celebrating puppies. As a Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, Logan Square, West Town, and Wicker Park animal hospital, this post is dedicated to explaining exactly what to expect during your first visit to the vet with your new puppy.

What to Expect

Regardless of where you acquired your new pride and joy puppy — whether from an animal shelter, rescue, the neighbor next door, the empty lot behind your house, or from a champion breeder — it’s important to bring your puppy in for a first-time checkup in a very timely manner (usually within 48-72 hours of it coming home). It’s during this time that we establish something called the veterinary-client-patient relationship. You, your puppy and your vet will all get to know each other during this time, establishing the foundation for a great relationship.

During this initial check-up, we will weigh your puppy from nose to tail, listening to the heartbeat and lungs, taking their temperature, examining the teeth, mouth, coat, and skin, palpating their abdomen and lymph nodes, checking eyes and ears, feet and toes, and limbs and joint. We also take this opportunity to check for worms via your dog’s poop sample (as gross or weird as it sounds, definitely brings a fresh sample) and discuss any other possible medical issues. Feel free to ask a lot of questions!

What to Bring

We request that you bring in paperwork like medical records from the breeder or rescue and any other documents that are needed for review. These are important documents that should be filed in our hospital medical record system with the rest of your pup’s information.

What Else Will Happen
After we’ve reviewed your new pet’s medical record and completed our exam, we’ll determine if puppy boosters and a deworming are needed. We’ll also establish a schedule for your next puppy booster visits and what will be accomplished at each one. Finally, we’ll review other important things to keep in mind as you build your relationship with your new pet and how to safeguard it in your home and neighborhood environments. Then you simply schedule your follow-up appointment!

Cheers to you and your new puppy!

Help us celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23rd and make sure to give your pup some extra special love!

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