woman in a purple sweatshirt holding her new kitten

March would not be complete without an equally important holiday for another pet – cats! March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day, an opportunity to show our feline friends love beyond what they receive on a daily basis. Fully respecting your cat goes above and beyond just giving them attention, you must know how to properly take care of them as well as how they would like to be treated, handled and held.

Proper Care

Detailed below are a few different ways to educate yourself and improve your relationship with your intuitive and funny animal:

  • Know your cat’s body language and sounds: almost 80% of cat owners interviewed in a poll by the National Today said that they can understand what their cats are trying to communicate based on their meows alone.
  • Only scruff a cat in an emergency: as this is typically a disciplinary measure used by mother cats and therefore not a technique that should be used often
  • Maintain your cat’s coat: a healthy coat is a healthy cat!
  • Know how much to feed your cat: not all cats have the same diet
  • Learn about litter training: this will benefit both you, your home and your cat

During the same study done by the National Today, 2 in 5 Americans said that they’d rather spend time at home with their cat than go out with their friends. Furthermore, 1 in 5 Americans said that they have taken it as far as using their cats as an excuse to get out of activities they didn’t want to do. Based on these facts alone, it is clear that these furry animals receive genuine love on a daily basis and that this celebration is just an added bonus. Visit Village West Vet today to ensure that the health of your cat is up to par and that they have a safe and trusted place to visit in case of an emergency.