Our sole purpose is your pet's health and comfort.

Hospice And Senior Care Counseling

At Village West Veterinary, we take seriously our role in offering help in two important areas: hospice care and end of life decision-making, and general health and comfort management for elderly pets.

Hospice care begins at the point when a cure for your pet’s ailments are no longer feasible, the ailments are negatively impacting on your pet’s quality of life, and you wish to make him or her as comfortable as possible for the remainder of your time with them before euthanasia may be needed. Regardless of your pet’s age, and depending on your pet’s condition, this hospice period may be brief, or it may be quite extended. Our main focus is making sure that throughout this period your pet is as comfortable as possible, and the appropriate time for saying goodbye with euthanasia is realized at the best window to avoid suffering for all of those involved.  This can be done at your home, or it can be done in the hospital. But most important, we will do our best to help with pain, appetite, strength, awareness, and other secondary health problems that we will do our best to minimize up until that time for departing arrives.

Elderly, or senior, pets are fortunate to have lived a long life. Our goal with senior pets is to understand their overall current health status as best as possible and then make recommendations for preserving the remaining quality of their time with you. We look at organ function, joint health, cognitive awareness, diet and nutritional needs, hydration status, dental health, and a number of other factors.  It is important for us to recognize those parts of life that gives each pet patient happiness, find remedies for those untreated problems we are aware are developing or are well-established and we can comfortably address without causing stress in pet and owner, and offer alternatives for any conditions where current prescribed medications have been useful, but additional treatments might make a slight or even significant difference in your senior pet’s happiness.

Happiness and comfort are paramount when it comes to terminally ill and senior pets.  

Please allow us to help insure your pet’s needs are met, and remember that our hospice and euthanasia services can be done in the hospital or in your own home.

Our sole purpose is your pet’s health and comfort, no matter what stage in life’s journey. If you have any further questions about hospice or senior care counseling for your pet, or to schedule a hospital or home house call visit for these special services, please call us at (773) 697-7052.