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Puppy and Kitten First Visits

Did you add a furry friend to your family? Getting your puppy or kitten off on the right paw is very important. Kittens and puppies have less developed immune systems compared to older animals and are more susceptible to disease and parasitic infection. Visiting a veterinarian early on will help to catch any issue that might have followed your new family member from the shelter, the street or breeder, and will help prevent your delicate little pet from catching viruses from other animals while they’re getting stronger. Another benefit to bringing you puppy or kitten to see a vet early in their life is so they can build a trusted relationship with the veterinary staff. A friendly pet and vet relationship will reduce feelings of anxiety for your pet when coming to visit the doctor in the future.

When To Take Your Puppy Or Kitten For Their First Vet Visit

Kittens and puppies often go home to their new parents as early as six to eight weeks of age. If they’re rescued from a shelter or off the street, that age can vary from tiny “bottle baby” age to young adult “puppy or kitten” or even older. Regardless, the first week that your pet is welcomed into your home is a critical time for its first visit. The longer you wait, the more you put your new pet and other pets in your home at risk. Bring all paperwork if your puppy or kitten has previously been to another vet or has had some other form of care. Some breeders and rescues start their vaccinations, dewormings and diagnostic tests before sending them to your home, and if so, your vet will need to know in order to continue the proper schedule and treatments.

What To Expect At Your First Vet Visit

Your first vet visit can seem intimidating. There is a lot that will take place, and if you aren’t prepared, some of it will seem overwhelming. Here at Village West Veterinary, the comfort of our patients and their families is of the utmost importance. Here is a list of what to expect at your pet’s first visit to help you feel more at ease:

  • Physical Exam: The first visit will start off with a physical examination. This will include checking your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, temperature, weight, skin and fur, joints, belly, feet and nails, and little boy and girl “parts”.
  • Vaccines: When your puppy or kitten is not fully vaccinated, it’s susceptible to a number of diseases. Vaccinations are necessary to protect your pet from a range of diseases.
  • Fecal Exam and Deworming: When coming to the vet, it is essential to bring a sample of your puppy or kitten’s stool for a fecal exam. Often times, puppies and kittens are carrying harmful worms or other intestinal parasites. Some of these can affect people!
  • Flea and Tick Prevention: Protecting your puppy or kitten from fleas and ticks is incredibly important. Not only are fleas and ticks annoying and gross, they also can carry diseases. Preventative products can be started on pets at an early age. Talk with our team at Village West Veterinary for recommendations.

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