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Teeth Cleaning and Oral Surgery

Whether your pet needs a routine teeth cleaning or emergency oral surgery, the staff at Village West Veterinary is equipped to provide your pet with top-notch attention.

Taking care of your pet’s oral hygiene should never be ignored. Good oral hygiene can prevent many health problems, and can add years of happiness to your cat or dog’s life. Regular dental checkups can also identify important signs of other health issues your pet may already be experiencing. This is why veterinary experts recommend regular dental checkups for your pet. Common problems include oral infections, tumors and broken teeth, which can certainly cause discomfort in pets’ mouths when eating, playing, or when simply resting. If left untreated, these problems can possibly cause long-term damage to vital organs like the heart and kidneys, and even much worse.

Teeth Cleaning

According to recent research, 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of three years have some degree of periodontal disease. This disease is caused by the buildup of invisible plaque which leads to thick brown tartar buildup, then gum and tooth pocket inflammation and infection.  Regular dental checkups are essential to determine if a cleaning is needed. For a safe dental cleaning, we start with a review of previous dental and health records. We next perform a physical exam and collect samples for screening lab work (if not recently performed). Then we create an anesthetic plan, and prepare your pet for sedation. During the cleaning, our professional veterinary staff carefully removes dental plaque and tartar, we take dental radiographs, perform a comprehensive assessment of the gums, crowns and roots, and then we polish the crown surfaces before any oral surgery that may be required is started.

Oral Surgery

It’s natural to be concerned when you’re told your pet requires oral surgery. Fortunately,

Village West Veterinary can help you through the fears you may have. Our experienced doctors at Village West perform dental cleanings and oral surgery on a regular basis, and they have answers for your many questions, both before and after a procedure. From the initial exam, through planning, surgery, then healing, and follow-up, we are here for you and your pet.


If you have any further questions about teeth cleaning or oral surgery, please call us at (773) 697-7052.