Our sole purpose is your pet's health and comfort.

A Wide Range of Surgical Capabilities for Minor and Major Surgeries

If your pet develops a problem requiring advanced care and surgical procedures, contact Village West Veterinary for the large range of veterinary surgeries your animal may need. Whether you come to us for a routine scheduled procedure or are in need of emergency vet surgical services in Chicago, Village West Veterinary cares for all of Chicago’s cherished dogs and cats in need of minor or major surgical treatment. You can rest assured your animal will be handled with the utmost care. At Village West Vet, our sole purpose is your pet’s health and comfort.

Minor & Major Surgeries

With our many years of surgical experience and cutting-edge technology, Village West Vet is proud to offer a wide range of both minor and major surgeries:

  • Lumps (Tumors) and Skin Abscesses- You should always have a vet analyze ANY lumps on your pet. Lumps can be benign (harmless). However, if it appears your pet has developed a new or changing tumor or skin abscess, then this might mean the lump or abscess is actually not so harmless – it may be malignant! Our veterinarians will take surgical measures to carefully remove the growth – whether acting as a general practitioner or in an emergency as an emergency vet in Chicago.

  • Foreign Body Surgeries- If your cherished cat or dog has eaten an item (toy, bone, etc) that cannot pass through the digestive tract on its own, then a foreign body surgery may be needed to remove the object. This procedure is typically urgent or your pet may not survive. If your pet has eaten an indigestible object, contact our hospital right away!
  • Gastrostomy, Enterotomy, and Feeding Tubes – Whether for a foreign body surgery, to remove a tumor, to collect biopsy samples, or to place a feeding tube for cats or dogs who can’t eat on their own, our veterinarians are prepared to help on short notice.
  • Bladder Stones and Urinary Blockages- A very common set of problems, our Village West Veterinary emergency vet service doctors have done many successful bladder stone surgeries and urinary blockage removal procedures. If your pet is struggling with bladder problems or is having trouble getting urine out, contact Village West Vet immediately. This is a very timely emergency problem that must be tackled quickly or your pet may not survive.
  • Spleen and Liver Tumors and Thickening- Tumors of the spleen or liver are not uncommon in dogs and cats. Sometimes a thickened spleen or liver doesn’t have a definite tumor, but has an unknown thickening or overall thickened appearance. These tumors, thickenings or thickness to the entire organ may be benign or may be malignant. Our veterinarians may need to perform surgery – sometimes an emergency surgery — to remove a spleen or liver lobe to save your pets life, or to get a sample to determine the nature of the problem that’s making your pet sick.
  • Biopsies: Lymph Nodes, Abdominal, Bone, Lumps, Skin- A biopsy is used to determine the true cause of your pet’s illness once a pathology has been found, whether that cause be infection, inflammation, immune disease, toxin, nutritional deficiency or cancer. If your cat or dog has unusual swellings, lumps or bumps, a rash, or unusual skin defects, a biopsy may be needed to help determine the cause.
  • Oral Masses and Dental Surgeries- Cancers of the mouth are very common in dogs and cats, and broken teeth, advanced gingivitis, root exposure and cavities are even more common. For an appointment for an oral or dental assessment or in the case of a dental emergency, please call us as soon as possible.
  • Ear Hematomas (Swollen Ear Flap)- This surgery is needed when a blood vessel within the ear flap ruptures and bleeding occurs between the tissue layers. Surgery is needed to drain the blood and prevent ear deformity or scarring from leaving your dog or cat’s ear-opening unprotected.
  • Anal Gland Abscesses– Whether dog or cat, anal glands can get clogged and infected, and we see this very often. Anal gland abscesses are very painful from inflammation and infection and need treatment for proper healing. Our veterinarians will get your pet treated immediately to start the healing process and bring your pet comfort.
  • Tail Wounds- Tail injuries are more common than one may think. If your beloved cat or dog has suffered a tail injury from a bite wound, car door, or any number of other causes, bring them in immediately and one of our emergency vets can take good care of it.
  • Amputations- Nobody wants to lose part of their body, but when it’s absolutely necessary, our vets are carefully trained in proper amputation surgeries that can save pet’s lives or relieve discomfort and remove disease. Whether your pet has experienced a traumatic event or is struggling from a limb or tail infection or tumor, amputation could be the best option for your pet. Visit our hospital in Chicago for this critical, sometimes emergency, veterinary surgery right away.
  • Torn Nails and Dew Claws and Punctured or Lacerated Pads- These paw injuries are common, and our doctors are skilled at choosing the right treatment – simple or more advanced – to make the necessary repairs for the quickest and most comfortable healing.
  • Intestinal Resections- For tumors, perforations, injurious swallowed objects, or twisted bowels where part of the intestine needs to be removed, these surgeries are a last resort when unhealthy tissue can’t be saved. It is only done if the small bowel has been blocked or diseased.
  • Eye Surgeries- From proptosis (eye popped out), to enucleation (remove a bad eye), entropion (swollen lids turned in), eyelid lump removal, cherry eyes and scrolled eyelid cartilages, our veterinarians can tackle many eye-related surgeries.

If your pet needs an appointment to assess the need for one of the surgical procedures listed above, contact our office at (773) 697-7052 for more information today.