black, white, and brown puppy sitting in the grass

Just as you might get a second opinion for yourself, getting a second opinion for your pet is a great way to see what other medical professionals have to say. If one vet is suggesting an expensive, extreme treatment option for your pet, it’s worth your peace of mind to at least seek out the opinion of another qualified veterinarian professional before moving forward with your decision. At Village West Veterinary, our team is happy to give you and your pet a second opinion so that you fully understand alternate treatment options, or to possibly validate something you’ve already heard!

Here are some examples of when you should seek a second opinion for your pet.

You’re Told You Have One Option

If your vet tells you that you either have no options or only one option, this is a red flag that you should seek a second opinion.

There’s No Clear Treatment Option

When your pet is sick, there’s nothing you want more than a straightforward answer regarding a diagnosis and treatment plan. There should be a clear path explained to you; if there isn’t, schedule an appointment with us so that we can help guide you down that path.

You Feel Skeptical

If your gut is telling you that something is off, you should listen to it. While yes, veterinarians are trained medical professionals, they are only human. You know your pet better than anyone else does, so make sure to seek a second opinion when you aren’t confident in the diagnosis.

We are happy to provide you and your pet a second option. Please call us at 773-492-6921 to schedule an appointment with us.