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Veterinarian Logan Square

Village West Veterinary Provides a Variety of Services

For most pet owners, finding a veterinarian in the Logan Square area that can provide all of the services they need to keep their furry family members healthy is important. This isn’t limited to just Logan Square. Pet owners from all over the downtown Chicago area – and even the suburbs – have found our Village West Veterinary hospital in the Ukrainian Village. When choosing Village West Veterinary, you can take advantage of a wide array of services. We understand how important both convenience and caring are to our clients, which is why we do all we can to meet all of their medical and surgical pet needs with as much compassion as we can give. Our veterinary office has helped pet owners in the downtown Chicago area for years and looks forward to showing you what we can do.

We Provide New Puppy and Kitten Exams

Have you recently purchased, adopted or taken in a new puppy or kitten? Each year, thousands of people add furry little friends to their lives, but how do you know they are healthy? The best way to find out about the health of your puppy or kitten is by letting a veterinarian from our office give them a really thorough exam. We understand how important it is to find out whether your new dog or cat has any health issues, which is why we leave no stone unturned during this exam. Then all the other “basics” can be discussed: vaccines, routine tests, dewormings, microchip scanning or implanting, nutritional and parasite preventative counseling, behavior review, dog park tags, etc. We do our utmost to help you become the best pet owner you can be.

We Handle Your Pet’s Preventive Care Needs

Puppy or kitten, dog or cat, the professionals in our veterinary office can help you provide your pet with the preventive care that’s needed. We will help keep your pet’s necessary vaccinations up-to-date, as well as other preventive treatments and screening tests they need to stay healthy. Our veterinarians have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of ailments. Having the peace of mind in knowing your pet is being properly cared for is a reality when you turn to Village West Veterinary.

We Aim To Keep Your Pet Healthy But We’re Ready for All Sorts of Visits

When you come to our office, you can get everything from a simple nail trim, weight check or vaccines to a full battery of diagnostics or surgeries. We’re ready for all sorts of visits, whether routine or emergencies.  Sometimes a pet is a bit excitable or anxious about their visit, sometimes they’re cool and collected. If they need something to calm them or even sedate them, we’re prepared for your pet’s special sensitivities. Our veterinarians can provide various levels of calming relief. No problem. We’re used to this. The same goes for the care we provide.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. A member of our team is standing by to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.