collie jumping into a pool of water

It’s staying pretty hot in Chicago! If you’re spending time at the pool, lake, beach or marina it is a common misconception that dogs are naturally good swimmers. Dogs can tread water if they happen to fall in – it’s called doggy paddling! However, it is not the same as knowing how to swim. It is important that your dog is properly introduced to water before diving in. As your local Chicago vet, we have gathered a list of tips to keep your dog safe this summer!

Protect Your Dog From Drowning

  • Invest in a doggie life vest, especially if you’re taking your dog on a boat.
  • Take a dog CPR class.
  • Do not throw your dog into a body of water.
  • NEVER leave a dog unattended around water.
  • If you have a pool, be sure you have a fence.
  • Show your dog how to use the steps to get out of a pool. Practice exiting the pool together until your dog understands.
  • Swimming is tiring for your dog. When your dog is tired, they are more susceptible to drowning. It is your responsibility to get your dog out of the water to rest.

Are you unsure about your dog’s swimming abilities? Talk to your Chicago Vet!

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