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Over the last 20 years, there has been growing pushback on how necessary vaccinations are for both humans and pets. Much of the fear has been sparked by internet and magazine articles and on talk shows. Many parents have chosen to opt out of core vaccinations for their children. This same mindset has crossed over to the pet-owning world, as well, where some owners are avoiding vaccinations at all costs. While we know that vaccinations most certainly have their benefits, our Village West Veterinarians tailor vaccination recommendations based on the latest immunologic knowledge, disease epidemiology, and the actual legal and practical need for your pet. One valuable tool at our disposal to help in the decision-making are titer tests.

What is a Titer Test?

Titer tests measure the level of antibodies against a particular disease in a blood sample. When your pet receives a vaccination, their body creates an immune response partially by producing specific antibodies against antigens associated with a given infecting organism. A titer test can help determine if your pet’s body is “protected” against certain diseases, which will inform you of whether or not they will be able to fight it off on their own, or if they need to get a vaccine booster for that disease. For a puppy, this will help determine if a booster series is finished. For an adult dog, it will help determine if a booster needs to be given.

What About My Pet?

You vaccination philosophy is important to us, while at the same time, our knowledge of current disease and disease prevention needs to be applied for your pet’s welfare. Our team of professionals at Village West Veterinary can help inform you of pros and cons for each vaccination, of when a vaccination is truly needed, and where there’s “wiggle room” to avoid a vaccine. Titer tests help in that decision-making.

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