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Bringing home a new cat can be both a stressful and exciting time for your family. The health of your furry friend should always be your top priority. Along with scheduling an appointment with a trusted Village West Vet in Chicago, it is important to choose quality food for a healthy diet. With so many cat food options available today, we understand that finding the right one seems daunting. Our Village West vets in Chicago know that every cat is unique, yet still have some very important general needs. We have created a list of 3 things to consider in order to narrow down your cat food choices.

Should you feed your cat wet or dry food or a mix of the two?

Not every form of food meets your ideal situation.

How old is your cat?

Kittens, adult and senior cats all have very different nutritional needs. Growing kittens need more calories while older cats will benefit from ingredients that support their joints; have a higher moisture content or lower protein.

Does your cat have any health issues?

If your cat has food sensitivities, weight issues or any number of other problems, a special diet may be needed. Talk with your most trusted Village West vet in Chicago to help address and deal with any potential health issues.

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