black and brown dog laying on the ground not feeling well

How Dogs Get Rabies

Rabies is primarily passed to dogs through bites from an infected animal, although an infected animal’s saliva — or even aerosolized saliva — can cause infection if it comes in contact with a dog’s open wound or any mucous membranes. It is important you contact Village West Veterinary, Chicago Animal Control, or Cook County Animal Control if you believe your dog has been exposed to a rabid animal like a raccoon, bat, skunk or rabid dog. Different regions of the United States have higher or lower numbers of wild animals infected with rabies, and the types of animals carrying infection can vary by region.

Rabies Symptoms in Dogs

From the time of infection to the time a dog will show symptoms of rabies, up to six whole months may elapse. This means that your dog may have been exposed to infection six months ago, but has acted totally normal until now. And now, your naturally very friendly dog is suddenly surprisingly apprehensive or aggressive, and it doesn’t want to eat or drink and it may hide from bright light or cower from noise. Dangerous biting or snapping are also frightening symptoms.

Rabies Prevention in Dogs

It is the law in the United States to keep your dog (and cat) up to date on their rabies vaccination! It will not only protect your dog’s health; it will also help protect YOU from detrimental accusations, fines, and court fees, if your dog bites a person or another pet. Stay up to date on your dog’s rabies vaccinations at Village West Veterinary.

Village West Veterinary Rabies Vaccinations

If you have any concern that your dog may not be vaccinated for rabies, and especially if you have a worry about rabies symptoms, please call Village West Vet for expert veterinary guidance. Our animal hospital, Village West Veterinary, is central to Ukrainian Village, West Town, River North, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, and all points around and in between. We will do our best to get you through your rabies crisis!