golden retriever sitting in a green field

At Village West Veterinary, once we’ve done our best to help with hospice care and end of life decision-making for our furry companions, we’ll also do our best to help with that last gift of a peaceful departure. When that time has arrived, we want to be there to help you say goodbye in the best window to avoid suffering for all of those involved. This can be done at your home, or it can be done in the hospital, but regardless, we will focus all of our skills toward those last moments.

Elderly, or senior, pets are fortunate to have lived a long life. Younger pets who have experienced significant health concerns “before their time” may not have lived as long, but your love and caring has enriched their shorter time to make it really special. Either way, if we can preserve some dignity in their final moments, then that’s our special goal, and we take it seriously. While a peaceful departure is ideal in the home environment, our hospital setting can be just as acceptable for a dog or cat who travels well, is already familiar with our facility, in an emergency when scheduling the home visit isn’t possible, or when your beloved pet has reached a point where its surroundings aren’t as important as your presence next to them. Happiness and comfort are paramount when it comes to terminally ill and senior pets, and we want your pet and you to experience that only.

If you have any further questions about In-Hospital Euthanasia in the Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park and other points in the general downtown Chicago area, or questions about Hospice or Senior Care Counseling for your pet, or to schedule a hospital or home house call visit for these special services, please call us at (773) 697-7052.