grey and white cat meowing excessively

Some cats are simply more prone to meowing because of their breed, and some cats just like their voices to be heard. However, if your cat has been meowing under unusual circumstances, then they may be telling you something is wrong. Here are some factors to consider when your cat is excessively meowing:

Your cat might be meowing due to an illness

Our number one concern is your cat’s health. There are many problems that can cause a loss (or even gain) in appetite and thirst, and can cause pain or discomfort. These issues will sometimes actually increase your cat’s communication with you if they haven’t caused them to do the opposite and withdraw to a quieter place. Visit your trusted Chicago vet at Village West Veterinary for a full checkup to uncover the source of the problem if you notice a change in your cat’s communication with you.

Your cat might be meowing because it wants attention

Many people stereotype cats as being loners. But this is not the case at all for many cats. Although they may want their alone time now and then, they don’t like being alone for an extended period. Just like any other animal or human, your cat will start to crave attention and interaction after whatever preferred duration of alone time for them has expired. If everything else in their behavior is totally normal but they are meowing more and interacting more, consider what may have changed in their life, like perhaps you work schedule or another pet has entered the picture.

Your cat might be meowing if it wants food

Another common occasion for excessive meowing is when it’s time for a meal! If your cat meows every time you walk into the kitchen, it’s obvious your cat is announcing an interest in food. If you think your cat has a problem with its food or with eating its food, contact one of our top Chicago vets at Village West Veterinary to see what food is best for your cat.

Your cat might be meowing because it is happy to see you!

If your cat excessively meows after you’ve been absent, then your cat is probably just really happy to see you. The meowing should die down after you spend some quality time with them. If the meowing doesn’t die down, then the cause behind the meowing may likely be a different factor. One of our experienced veterinarians can best help you determine what that factor is.

Your cat might be meowing if it is stressed

Your cat may, alternatively, be more vocal due to a stressful change in their environment. If your cat is in a new home, there is a new family member, or there has been a loss of a loved one, then your cat may be very confused. Spend even more quality time with your cat to help it feel more comfortable and at ease with these transitions.

You cat deserves the best care. If you are searching for a top-notch Chicago veterinarian, visit Village West Veterinary. Our sole purpose is your pet’s health and comfort. Call at 773-697-7052, or contact us here.