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Ensuring your dog’s nails are regularly trimmed is more important than you think. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, the friction from hard surfaces like concrete and blacktop may gradually wear their nails down, but this takes A LOT more outside time on these surfaces than you might think. And if your dog is inside a lot, only going outside for walks or running on soft surfaces like grass, nails will keep growing and growing. Regardless, if your dog’s nails are getting too long, and you’re searching for a Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, Logan Square, West Loop or Wicker Park animal hospital, you’ll want to visit our location for quality, gentle nail trimming. Here’s why it’s so important that your dog’s nails stay short.

Functionality Issue

Imagine that your toenails are too long, causing uncomfortable pressure when you wear enclosed shoes. This is similar to what dogs go through if their nails are too long (with or without the shoes). If your dog’s nails are constantly pushing against the floor when they walk or run, the nail bed is being pushed back into their feet. As you can imagine, this can be extremely uncomfortable – every time they take a step! If this happens for an extended period of time, it will realign the foreleg joints and make the paw look flat and splayed out. More importantly, they will be in constant discomfort whenever they’re on the move.

More Susceptible to Injuries

If your dog is in pain while walking, it’s likely he or she will redistribute their body weight in order to avoid pain. This may cause their body’s alignment to be off when they move, making them more susceptible to injuries. While it’s always important to make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed, it’s especially important in older dogs with arthritis, weakness and balance problems whose posture and ambulation efforts can improve with short, well-kept nails. Older dogs have enough problems, long toenails are at least one that can be easily correctable.

Ever marvel when a hero or villain in the movies casts a grapnel hook over a wall or expanse and catches the rope so perfectly? That’s pretty impressive when it’s a grapnel hook in an action movie. But long toenails on your dog can catch onto things, too. And this won’t be so pretty. Toenails that get caught can tear a nail or seriously wrench your dog’s toe. Our hospital has had many visits to treat injuries such as these. Please schedule your nail trim appointment, as soon as possible, to prevent this from happening.

Ingrown Nails

Sudden injuries or body alignment problems due to long toenails are bad enough. Yet the slow pain and infection from ingrown toenails — toenails growing so long that they curl around and grow right back into a dog’s paw pads! — is a tragedy. Simply look at your dog’s nails, one at a time. If you see any nails growing into their paw pads or getting close to growing into their paw pads, please make an appointment with us, as soon as possible, to heal the problem that is now much more than just a simple nail trim.

Visit Our Chicago Animal Hospital

Your dog is more than a dog. It’s a family member. Keeping your dog’s nails short will ensure they can walk and run without pain and infection, and if your dog is happy, you will be, too! Call or visit our clinic — recognized as a top Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, Logan Square, West Loop, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park animal hospital — to set up an appointment to treat or trim your dog’s nails.

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